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Monday 26 March 2007

The Family Cat

Back in the mists of time, people used to play music from big chunks of plastic called "records". These came in various shapes and sizes, although most were round and 7 or 10 inches in diameter. To play them you put them onto a "record player" and they span round while a little needle wiggled merrily in tiny grooves cut into the plastic (commonly called vinyl).

Anyway, as I as rooting through the cupboard we store all our crap that we don't know what to do with I found what is pictured above.

It's a demo flexi-disk sent out to members of the fan club of a band called The Family Cat.

The Family Cat (this link goes to Wikipedia) were an early 1990s indie pop band. They never really made it big, but had a modest and dedicated following of which I was one.

The letter that came with the record says "You have in your hand the first fruits of these labours [recording their new album] "Rockbreaking" was recorded at 3:30am on a tape recorder with a dodgy pause button and it's in this state of the art format that [the record company] have decided to present it to you: Guaranteed one play of passable quality. "Sneaky" Pete Charlton the band's fence advises taping this historic first play for posterity and using the disc to line the cat tray". The envelope is postmarked 23rd April 1993.

Using the miracle of 21st century technology one can, should one wish, convert ancient bits of vinyl to those new-fangled mp3s so that people can listen to them on their "ipods". So, in the spirit of preserving a once 'great' British band (and seeing as nobody 'tapes' music any more, here is the aforementioned flexi-disk in all it's digital glory. Of course, since it's from original plastic there's crackles and in once place a small jump of the needle, but it's here for you to remember the band by, or learn of them afresh.

Right click here to download. Of course, I understand hosting this for download is technically illegal, if any of the band want me to take it down I will; In the meantime, share it with your friends.


  1. The Family Cat were quite an underrated little band. They have a genuine official site now where you can download some of their tracks. I recommend "Prog One".

  2. Blimey, an ex-girlfriend (and still very good friend) of mine was possibly the biggest Family Cat fan of all time. She saw them live 101 times and was quite friendly with most of them by the end. I believe for the hundredth gig they let her choose the set list for them. She has her addiction under control these days but I suspect she still has a huge wardrobe full of old T-shirts.

  3. The Family Cat were ace, but twice they were supposed to play live at the Buckley Tivoli and twice they failed to turn up. I was gutted, especially as I think I was the only FCUK fan in the whole of N Wales. At least, that's what it felt like dancing on my own to Steamroller on an empty dance floor. How embarrassing.

    Kudos to you for your mention of the 'Cat. Great site.

  4. Anyone who hasn't heard 'Montague Terrace in Blue' just hasn't lived!!

  5. they did an ace song with PJ Harvey - colour me grey

  6. Quite simply the greatest rock and roll band never to make it big

  7. cheers for the link

    saw the cat many times and i think that you need to lookup strange kind of urgency on 7'

  8. Ben W, Strange Kind Of Urgency is a great track, but I think you'll find it's by 5.30 (included on the Bed LP).