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Wednesday 13 June 2007


Bit of a mystery this one. A band called HX2 who must have been from Halifax although I'll be honest and admit I don't remember anything about them.

A chance conversation reminded me that I said I'd put this up and I've finally got around to doing it. I remember getting the 12" white label from my mate Simon, and it even says on it "Happy Birthday", but beyond that it's a bit of a puzzle.

Still, it's pretty good early 90s indiepop and even better it's as rare as rocking horse poo. A white label 12" from a small band in West Yorkshire.

So, this is HX2 - Good Times, enjoy. And if you know anything about the band then let me know.

PS, I've just realised that that's Kylie on the picture (which is of the sticker that was on the sleeve); curiouser and curiouser.


  1. hi m8

    yes the band hx2 were from halifax and the band was named after the first half of lead singer marcus jacks post code who used to work with my brother, he game me a one of the white lables as well and a album caled pent up and i still have them but no turn table hope this helps.


  2. haha awesome...I was sat next to Marcus on the train to liverpool the other day. We got talkin about music and he told me about the band he was in so I just googled it to hear them. He's a graphic designer now.

    Peace out

  3. Ergot organised a gig at the KU club in Huddersfield with HX2 as support. It was a disaster. Nobody turned up (where were you ya f**ker?) and our singer walked.

    HX2 gamely played a set to the dozen or so ppl. We managed a couple of instrumentals and Mark Shuffle got up & sung on a version of Birdland's "Sleep With Me". Then bits and pieces of each band played some covers. Despite the disappointment/embarrassment of no one turning up and the band effectively splitting that night, it was fun.

    Also saw them at the Peace Hall in Halifax at an open air gig. Popcorn Groove supported, but I arrived too late to see their set :(

  4. Anonymous18 May, 2010

    Correct about Halifax, we all went to school together, Marcus Jack vocals, Chris Maise guitar, Howie Jones bass and I think it was Marcus Thompson on drums. They formed out of the remainder of The Hop

  5. i remember hx2 they had a lad called mally who played with them he used to mend aircraft as i remember we bumped into them on holiday in majorca 1990 also i arranged a gig for them at moonrakers on halifax rd bradford happy days

  6. Nah, the drummer was Sut...Mark Sutcliffe. He was schoolmate to the rest of the band – and a great drummer! Sadly he died last year.


  7. Nah mate..mally was in Midnight to Six.

  8. I remember seeing HX2 live at The Trades Club in Hebden Bridge (1991?) when I was 15 - they were quite well known in Calderdale and I remember they had played a gig at the Piece Hall in Halifax which was well attended. Great local band at the time and a bit of an inspiration for my fledgling group, The 11th Hour. I bought a 3 track EP after the Trades Club Gig which has long since been lost but I remember listening to it over and over for some months - I think my favourite track was called Silver Surfer

  9. Wasnt their a lad called Daz?

  10. wasnt there lad called Darren with them?