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Tuesday 4 September 2007

Kitchens of Distinction

I get a lot of google searches for Kitchens of Distinction coming in to this page from an earlier mention, so it's about time I got about to doing them properly.

Looking about, you get a nice little quote about the band here:

Formed Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1987; Cult band Kitchens of Distinction like to shroud their origins in multiple myths. Sometimes they say that they met in a Turkish sauna; sometimes in a satanist temple in Amsterdam; sometimes - most credibly - at a Dutch gig by the reggae legend Burning Spear.
The band are/were another of the early 90s swooping guitar, wailing feedback, muffled vocals bands that we all love so much.

There's loads about the band around on the internet in places like the One Little Indian site, so I feel a bit like I'm cheating putting them up here, but at the very least I've posted one of these for September and let you have a listen to a nicely scratchy post-vinyl mp3 of one of my favourite recordings.

I've actually got a white label of this: Kitchens of Distinction - Breathing Fear, but it appears that there are more of them out there than actual bought versions, so I'm not going to retire on the profits just yet...

On a side note, there's a shop just up the road from where I used to live that advertises Kitchens of Distinction; it always raised a smile when I wallked past.


  1. I saw them at least once in Moles (Bath) and have a couple of their LPs lurking somewhere.

    And I'm pretty sure that Tom Robinson plays their stuff from time to time on his 6Music show.

  2. KOD in Preston once and it was a great gig ruined by that smashing up the guitar thing. I was a very penniless lad then and would have loved that guitar.

  3. my mate jason told me he lived in a flat for while with dan, the drummer and it was jason that got me into them. i saw them play the water rat in kings x, london. very good gig.

    great blog, keep up the good work.

  4. I interviewed Patrick after a gig at the old Marquee for college radio, it was my first interview and my questions were a bit shit to be honest. Nice enough blokes though. Years later the guitarist and Patrick supported my band at the hope and anchor in islington, Patrick had a second hand tokai tele and the other guy had a majorly expensive Gibson 175 and wouldn't let us use his mesa boogie amplifier, which I thought a little rude. Their band was called something like superboy(?) and had a female singer. They were terribly dull as I recall.

  5. One of my favourite bands ever, because of the noise they made. That quote is mostly untrue though: their first single came out in 1985, and they, or at least Patrick the singer, lived in Tooting. He has since wandered off under the name Stephen Hero and lives in Ireland, where he writes music plays and turns out an LP every now and then. Lesser bands have got back together recently, they must be due for a revival.