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Tuesday 16 October 2007

Heavy Stereo

Ok, so this is going to be slightly different as it's more of a treasure hunt for information from anyone that can help.

What we have here is a a 1-sided 7" in a natty brown carboard sleeve with an insert promoting a few gigs, but that's it really. According to the only bits and bobs I can find about the internet it may well be a freebie sent out to fanclub members and is probably called "Mouse in a Hole", although during the warm up bit of the track the chap (presumably the aforementioned Gem) calls it "Tell Your Ma". The various copies on eBay seem to be being sold by people who don't know either.

I do know that Heavy Stereo were the stepping stone band for Gem Archer, current guitarist with the Oasis boys. I'm not too worried that this is edging into Brit Pop territory (shudder), as we've already had Ride and Andy Bell.

What I'd like to know is this: What is the bit of vinyl is pictured? Is it Mouse in a Hole? How did the fanclub get it? Is it a 5000-only limited run or similar? Did you see the band play?

I picked it up in a charity shop as it was right next to the first Sleeper EP (of which more later) and for a pound it seemed like a proper bargain. It's nice late-indie with a smattering of rock and more than a hint of the Oasis sound.

So this is the mp3 of it Heavy Stereo, but what?, help!


  1. Allo. I have two copies of this 7" at home. They were sent out not to fan club members per se, but to everyone who sent back one of those cards with one of the previous singles to that place in Leamington Spa that did all band's mailouts. I got mine in the 'Sleep Freak' CD single and must have sent off another by mistake from the follow-up since 2 arrived.

    Anyway, I haven't listened to it for about a decade and all I remember was Gem talking bollocks while a few track snippets played. I think it might have been tasters for their album.

    If they're selling on e-bay due to Gem's Oasis status now then I might bung mine up. They aint that great you see.

  2. Actually some of the album is quite good. I think if this band stood on its own instead of being lumped in with britpop, they would have gone a bit further (Oasis membership withstanding of course!). And yes the song is called Mouse in a Hole.

  3. Actually that mp3 you uploaded of it is Tell Yer Ma. Thanks for uploading it anyway, I enjoyed listening to Gem waffling on.
    I agree with Anonymous, they were actually a good band, underrated because they were bundled with the wrong genre.

  4. Dej√° Voodoo, the title track of the album, is a fucking awesome track, brilliant guitar. That mp3 is def Tell Yer Ma, i track i would have sold my soul to hear oasis cover in the last days of the band. Who knows, maybe BDI will play it