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Monday 26 November 2007


An earlier version of The Wikipedia page for Loop sums the band's music up quite nicely for me: "Loop did not fit easily into any category but have variously classified as a shoegazers or indie rock band", but this has been changed to some piffle about "psychedelic/drone rock", which doesn't mean anything and lumps the band in with Spaceman 3, when to my ears they have more than a hint of Mudhoney about them. Still, each to their own.

What we can't deny is that for 5 or so years from the end of the 80s, Loop were turning out pretty decent "alternative" rock at a steady pace, appearing with John Peel and carrying out their indie roles with some aplomb.

Again, the wikipedia page provides some good background and there's a very nice discography here.

Once more I was turned on to this particular recording as it's a giveaway flexi disk from The Catalogue magazine (November/December 1988 for the completists) and I think my love of the flexi is well documented.

Anyway, enjoy Loop - Torched, as it's a cracking bit of dirty indie rock that doesn't really fit in with the jingly-jangly stuff I'd normally put on here, but what the hell; I'll make it up to you with some Catherines stuff soon...

Buy "A Gilded Eternity" by Loop


  1. The second line-up of Loop contained James Endeacott (listed as 'Endicott' in the Wikipedia entry) who went on to work as A&R at Rough Trade records and sign The Libertines. If ever you end up in the unlikely scenario of being asked the pub quiz question "What links Loop to The Libertines?", you now have the answer.

  2. There's quite a lot of Loop fans still out there (including me!) and rumours abound that the back catalogue will be re-released soon (see comments on http://bothbarson.wordpress.com/2007/08/01/this-is-where-you-start/)

  3. King boy g - Have to add my tenious link here. Back in 1994 when I was a student and 19 and wanted to be work in music PR, the very nice people at Rough Trade let me do my work experience there and for 2 weeks I worked with James Endeacott and he told me he used to be in Loop (I had not heard of them at that point, but went on to listen to them). Was a very nice guy and gave me lots of vinyl and good advice!