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Friday 4 January 2008


Bleach are a criminally overlooked indie band as anyone who saw them live will attest; and the Snag EP is a great record by anyone's standards.

It's pretty hard to find stuff about the band around the internet; not least because there's an American Christian rock band (now there are four words that'll strike fear into the heart of the honest indiepopper) of the same name.

Having said that, once you know what you're looking for there are a few pages about, most of them on blogs like this...

This page has what you'll need to know which is (and I'm copying this as sadly the site is on Angelfire so you'll be lucky to see it working):

"The band were a four-piece, formed in 1989 by Salli Carson (vocals), Steve Scott (drums) and brothers Neil and Nick Singleton (guitar and bass respectively). Their debut ep appeared in 1990, they made some great records for the next few years, then split in 1993... Bleach were sort of lumped in with the shoegazing crowd, with bitter lyrics about betrayal and estrangement, plenty of reverb and distortion, you know the kind of thing. Singer Salli Carson often switched her vocals from a soft, almost plaintive side to bitter, guttaral tirading within the space of a verse, whilst the rest of the band washed away around her in a sea of reverb and white noise."
There are a couple more pages on Wilfully Obscure and Pogo-a-gogo; which are both great sites and Trouserpress say:
"This quartet from Ipswich recorded three EPs inside a year's time and received an inordinate amount of British press accolades for them. Scoring an American deal with the soon-to-be-bankrupt Chameleon label, Bleach released a compilation of those EPs and then apparently disappeared off the face of the earth."
Track 3 on the EP: Bleach - Bethesda is my personal favourite track of the four on the EP, it's a cracking bit of jingly-jangly indie-pop shoegazing; the kind of song I started doing all this for in the first place. Enjoy.


  1. So how come it's taken me so long to discover your wee slab of blog pop paradise? Pah, what a poor show on my part...

    Many thanks for the shout-out, and many,many more thanks for the tuneful treasures. Carter, New FADS, Mambo Taxi, oh my!!

    Right, off to plunder your archives...

  2. I heard that Steve Lemacq sold T-shirts for Bleach at their gigs!

  3. You inspired me to do my bit to combat Christian rock by writing up Bleach on Wikipedia. Hasn't been deleted yet...

    Keep up the good work!

  4. I saw them live in Brum in the early 90s. They weren't much good. Records weren't bad though.

  5. Amazing band & EP, but that mp3 that you posted as "Bethesda" is actually "Dipping." You can watch video for "Dipping" on YouTube; their only other video that I know of was "Surround," which is also on YT until the suits take it down.