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Friday 26 September 2008

The Dylans

Right, it's Friday, so let's go with a classic sing-a-long, top notch indie classic from The Dylans; and I dare you not to be singing along after the first twenty seconds.

Long before Sheffield was the 'indie' capital of the world, The Dylans were plying their trade out of the grim north, and they might not have been as big as we'd have hoped, but boy weren't they just a great band!

All the history you need is on the wiki page and at Discogs.com and you know you should own at least one of their singles, if not, what the hell were you doing in 1991?

"I hear your tambourines
Inside my head, she says
I hear your tambourines
On Planet Love, she says
On Planet Love..."
Go on, get that baggy t-shirt on, flick what's left of your indie fringe about, go to the nearest pub for a pint of snakebite and dance along to The Dylans - Planet Love; it's what Fridays were made for.

One big question remains mind you, why were all the best indie club nights on a Tuesday, not a Friday?


  1. I know it's been a while since I dropped by, but on seeing that you'd featured The Dylans, I felt compelled to leave a message.
    The Dylans were so unbelievably underrated and their eponymous debut album was and still is soooo good. It radiates genuine charm, warmth, depth, and damn good tunes to boot!
    Thank you so much for giving Messrs Gregory, Curtis, Rodgers, Jennings and Jones a well deserved airing!


  2. As an added extra comment, if we're talking about The Dylans, how about the wonderful 1000 Violins for your next post?!

    Can send you some stuff if required!



  3. Ahhh...not true. The Island in Ilford used to have an awesome indie night on Fridays. They showcased some great up and coming bands too like Dodgy, Oasis and Shed Seven. I dimly recall Liam throwing a wobbler after some one had clambered on stage and snatched his tambourine. Oasis refused to continue until it had been returned and a hand meekly emerged from the crowd to return it. Great, great times.

  4. ah, I much preferred the earlier single "Godlike". I also remember a song called "Oceansize" which was a note for note rip-of of "Over Rising" by The Charlatans. Why anyone would bother doing that I dunno.

  5. oh, i used to love the dylans! still do, in a sort of reminiscing sort of way..I wonder what ever happened to colin gregory?

  6. The Dylans singer used to walk his dog down the road where I lived when I was a student in Sheffield. It was terrier, if memory serves me.

  7. I used to love that Planet Love 12". That and The Frank And Walters' EP3 seemed to be all we listened to in the summer of 1991, the last summer before we discovered indie discos. The one at High Society in Chester was on a Friday too!

    Most of the tracks on it apart from Planet Love seemed to be rehashes of Charlatans album tracks from what I remember (I don't own it, it was my friend's, I have it "taped" somewhere.) I might have to get up in that there loft!

  8. Absolutely classic band - loved that first album, but loved the 12" mix of Mary Quant In Blue more, if you can find the video of that check it out, well cool! They did a Music Box documentary around 1993/94 which I've still got on VHS somewhere. It's got Colin Gregory talking about how he likes cheese on bread first thing in the morning. He now works in HMV Nottingham IIRC... (honest)


  9. Anonymous05 July, 2009

    It's great people still remember us after all these years, but we're all old men now!.
    i was the youngest member of the band ,and im 39 now!...think Colins knocking 50!
    we all went our seperate ways, Colin did work for HMV ,not sure now though.
    Jim rents properties out i think,
    Quentin moved to th U.S
    Dont know what happend to Any Curtis...lost touch way back when.
    and i ended up in the building trade, but i still play drums.At the moment i play for a Stranglers tribute band Called "Straighten Out",and we're up and down the country this year.

    Anyways, cheers for the continued interest in the Dylans.

    Garry Jones.

    1. Totally unlikely you'll see this but I loved the Dylans. I still love the songs and put the 12" singles on the record deck every now and again when "tired and emotional". One thing I've really wanted to figure out was the lyric in one part on "Mary Quant in blue"... the bit just before the chorus after it says "Your eyes don't shine no more...something something something...it's loveless". Would love if you could shed some light?