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Saturday 3 January 2009

The Holidaymakers

Happy New Year all, let's see what Santa's got in his sack for me shall well? Why, it's only The Holidaymakers! What a lovely way to start 2009.

The song in question is The Holidaymakers - Everyday; the first few chords really remind me of Midway Still's Better Than Before, which is kind of why I put this up as the welcome back post, but also because that jolly old fat man in red was very nice and provided it to me on a flexi disk; a shared flexi with The Nivens no less. Bearing in mind it's a 20 year old bit of PVC will also explain why the middle bit of the recording is so scratchy.

The big problem we have here is, I'm afraid, a lack of any useful information about the band. I'm 99% sure they're from Scotland (thanks to the Tweenet page) and from the bit of plastic you can see that at least one member of the band was called Adrian Smith, but let's face it, that's a pretty hard name to get any useful information on from google.

We also know that there was a follow-up to the flexi featured called Skyrider, but that's it I'm afraid, bit of a rubbish start to the year but I'm breaking myself back in slowly!


  1. That was hardly what I'd call a brief hiatus!! But excellent to have you back.

  2. Loving the blog, nice to see that the indie love lives on. Have you by any chance, got anything by The Wishplants? And must add, The Family Cat were the most criminally overlooked band in history, all other bands are dogshite indeed.

  3. Time for you to do Girl of the Year I feel, seeing as you've already done the Bombers. I might even have two copies of the one single, in which case you can have one.

  4. I knew the Holidaymakers back in the day - they're from Edinburgh, heavily into Postcard records - really wanted to be in on the Jesse Garon / Shop Assistants 'scene' (or 'clique') but were just too genuinely young and fun-loving to be accepted. Some of those 'older' (early twenties!) bands were right unfriendly snobs as I recall from hanging out at the Onion Cellar etc in those days, 'cos they knew The Legend (and possibly Bobby Gillespie & Alan MacGee) you know! Anywhoos, they moved to London about 1988 or 1989 and were never heard off again. Where are you Adrian, Richard? Best bands of the whole era are Close Lobsters and McCarthy - everybody knows that, right?

  5. Hiya Charles! This is Adie - long time no speak. Hope you're well x