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Thursday 5 March 2009

The Sea Urchins

As we roll headlong towards the second anniversary of this internet nonsense, I'm clearing still the backlog of stuff I wrote down ages ago and never got round to putting on here; so let's keep clearing the metaphorical decks with The Sea Urchins.

Formed in West Bromwich in 1986, the band were intially signed to the legendary Sarah label after being launched onto the C86 scene with a couple of split flexi disks which brought them to the attention of the label. Were flexi disks the 1980/1990s equivalent of Myspace? Discuss. There's a question for my newly thought of BA (hons) in Indie Pop, I'll probably run it out of one of the crapper ex-Polys.

Anyway, I digress. Formed by James Roberts, Patrick Roberts, Simon Woodcock, Robert Cooksey, Bridget Duffy and Mark Bevin (who was replaced by the time the first "proper" single came out), the band were flexible in membership over their life and had split due to contractual shenanigans before Sarah released an album of all their recordings in 1992. Latterly the band have reformed on and off for gigs and an album 2000; in the meantime, several members of the band had continued to play as Delta.

If you want some train of thought ramblings, try the myspace page and if you want a brief overview, the band are on wikipedia.

So, for your Midlands listening delight today, here is The Sea Urchins - Please Don't Cry, and it might just be me but didn't Oasis steal this lock, stock and barrel for whatever that dirge with Rhys Ifans in the video was?

And this is a test of a nice embedded mp3 thingy, let me know if you like it.


  1. hey hey. nice of you to cover the Sea Urchins on your blog....i've been really into them for several years. I gotta correct you for a few things though.....the Sea Urchins have never really reformed on and off for gigs or any releases.....after the Sea Urchins, some of them did form DELTA as their new band....and released 3 fantastic albums, and a US-based compilation---all of them are well worth searching for! Blissaquamarine had a really great Delta/Sea Urchins page online before with a full discography, well worth hunting out.


  2. I have the Sarah full length album that compiles all the Sea Urchins singles. This song is not on any of the Sea Urchins singles or the full length compilation either. Also, the song itself does not sound like a Sea Urchins song. I would venture to guess that it's a Delta tune and not the Sea Urchins

  3. Steady there Anonymous: it does sound like the Sea Urchins and it is them. The Sarah compilation mostly compiled their Sarah singles (plus those early flexis, if I recall), but this is from the Cheree release pictured above.