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Wednesday 8 April 2009


I wasn't too sure about putting up Menswear (or indeed Menswe@r as they appear to have variously branded themselves) as I've said that Britpop was rubbish on a number of occasions in the past, but then two things changed my mind.

One was the constant references to Wire in write ups about the song below and the other was reading that the band apparently signed a big money deal and appeared in long forgotten music mag "Select" before they'd even put a record out; apparently because they were at the forefront of the mod revival. Well, 1994's mod revival, there's a mod revival every other year pretty much; it's like the NME saying that Ska will be back this year in their "What's Going To Be Cool This Year" articles like they have every year from about 1904.

Sorry, I digress, this is Menswear's second release - Daydreamer, and excitingly it's taken from a 7" in special plastic bag:

Right click, "saves as..." to download

So, formed in London (Camden probably) in 1994 the band signed a major deal after only a few gigs and with hardly any material written. Menswear/Menswe@r were Johnny Dean, Todd Parmenter [who was replaced by Matt Everitt (who now does the music news on BBC 6Music fact fans)], Chris Gentry, Simon White and Stuart Black.

The band were briefly pretty popular in 1994/95/96 and surfed the wave of Britpop that was taking over the country; I'm pretty sure I saw them live somewhere at the end of 1995 but can't for the life of me remember whether this actually happened or it's just something I made up to sound cool. They definitely had a couple of appearances on Top of the Pops and recorded a Peel Session.

Excitingly, when Matt Everitt left at the end of the band's life, he was replaced by "Tud" the band's roadie and Chris Gentry may (or may not) be the boyfriend/husband of Donna Matthews out of Elastica.

There's a full story and some interviews on this page which is definitely worth a read and of course, there's a ubiqitous wikipedia page.


  1. Even more excitingly, Simon White is Bloc Party's manager.

  2. Menswear owe me pints for calling a member of Kula Shaker something rude. Perhaps more interesting is the fact that we once booked them to play our indie night, in Cambridge, and they didn't turn up, so we got some bloke who looked vaguely "Camden" to turn up and talk to the girls. Nobody noticed, and he probably got laid for the first time in months.

  3. Grebo Guru09 April, 2009

    (I remember Select)

  4. Menswear: truly the Northside of Britpop

  5. Anonymous05 May, 2009

    i forgot how much i hated menswear. not so much ripping of wire as ripping off elastica ripping off wire

  6. I ADORED Being Brave. And thanks for the reminder about Select, that was my favourite magazine when I was a nipper.

  7. Anonymous04 July, 2009

    If Chris Gentry tells you he has a platonic relationship with the mother of his two kids, don't believe him! He lives with her and they have been together for 10 years!

  8. They had some great moments! I personly think if they done more stuff like (Daydreamer) they would have done alot better! They just turned out to be a second rate oasis/primal scream when they could have been alot darker and more interesting! Menswe@r & elastica represented the more artyer side of britpop! They had their time and now it's all over. We have to put up with crap like The Maccabbees now = YAY! ;) xx

  9. Nuisance, is one of my favourite records. It's pure 95, ostentatious in your face un-adulterated britpop, nothing more, nothing less. Brilliant pop songs. Used to record some good b-sides too, BBC still use This Will Be Our Year (which yes, is a cover) in match of the day etc.

    it took me YEARS to track down a reasonably priced copy of the Japan only release Hay Tiempo!, but unfortunately it wasn't much cop. Shine was a good tune, and the album had some great keyboards, but nothing on Nuisance as a whole