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Wednesday 20 May 2009

See See Rider

Bit of an odd one this time; it's See See Rider, a band who really would have disappeared without a trace were it not for some of their members. The first thing that you notice when reading about the band is that they only released two singles and, despite having sort of Nico-(sort of)-out-of-the Velvet-Underground style vocals from singer May Rock Marshall and having early support slots for Lloyd Cole and the Jesus and Mary Chain, they never really broke through into the public or press consciousness, although they were championed early on by Steve Lamacq.

So that would ostensibly be that, the band released the two singles on the same Lazy label as Birdland, had a big falling out on stage and split up.

But. While signing for Lazy, Wayne Morris, manager of the aforementioned moptopknobheads recommended a drummer for them; he turned out to be Phil Tweedie from The Primitives and during the self-inflicted delay between the band's only two single releases (after Marshall - possibly Rock Marshall? - fell off the back of a motorbike), they managed to managed to be joined by Phil King from Felt

Oh, and just to complete the Pet Frame style Rock Family Trees feel of this, the final nail in the band's coffin was King leaving to join Lush. He's in JAMC now as well. He gets about a bit does that boy...

This is the track one from the first EP - "See See Rider - She Sings Alone":

Right click, "save as..." to download

So there you go, read the excellent official site for lots more information. There's also a brief wikipedia page


  1. Anonymous21 May, 2009

    Marvellous. I thought nobody else remembered this lot.

    The unreleased album can be downloaded from http://web.me.com/slm77/See_See_Rider/Discography.html (I think).

  2. I remember always seeing this EP in the cheap/secondhand vinyl section of Indie shops for many years. I think I gave in and bought it in the end.

  3. Always liked this EP, tyvm for the biog as well

  4. see see rider.... it's song done by the animals amongst others.... pretty good one too... see see see by eric burdon and the animals on youtube... the beat club performance is fab

  5. I saw them support Birdland in early 1990 at The Richmond pub in Brighton. They played a really long set and I was'nt keen although I did have indie compilation video which featured them doing quite a good song which I recall had a slightly S&M themed video. Think It may of been 'She sings alone' , anyway I eventually bought the 1st EP cheap at a record fair, that would of been around 1992, I've not got round to playing it yet.