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Wednesday 18 April 2007

Power of Dreams

Once upon a time there was an Irish band called Power of Dreams; in 1989 they released a debut EP that had all the majors fighting for their signatures. Caught up in the early 90s indie tidal wave they were feted as the next big things.

They signed a megabucks deal and toured worldwide to rave reviews. Their classic indie-stylings earning rave reviews. They were, along with many other indie bands, "big in Japan".

Alas their fame would not last and in 1994 the band split. Members went their separate ways - some to release solo material, one to play with the Sultans of Ping - of whom more later.

They're making a comeback now. I'mnot sure I hold with all these old bands coming back for one last money-making scam, but there we go. The power of the 35-year-old man's disposable income is what it is.

So here we are; Power of Dreams - 100 Ways to Kill a Love.

Not much of an entry, but it'll do for now.


  1. great site btw. brings back some v good memories. P.O.D were great. from memory....100 ways to kill a love that you have up here was the setanta single that was different (rougher, better) to the album version on immigrants, emigrants and me. their masterpiece was the 2nd album...to hell with common sense... such a shame they never made it. i have pretty much the whole back catalogue if you want it. coltrane.industries at the gmail.com is my address and i'll mail you it. g.

  2. actually, not sure it was the single version. ah well, memory messed. anyway, thanks for reminding me of this great band.

  3. oh and they have reformed and play in dublin 15/16 sept 07.

  4. my word someone else that remembers power of dreams! i think i have about 4 singles and the first album by them, all of them actually not half bad...

  5. NICE ONE ,ROBBIE CALLAN HERE THE GUY WHO DID PLAY GUITAR ON THE ALBUM,CRAIGS DOIN WELL AND IM SOLO (myspace.com/callanwebsite) keepin it Indie all the time cheers RC>

  6. Saw these guys at the Windsor old trout (another venue like the duchess in Leeds Sadly gone) One of my favourite teenage concerts.

  7. Saw these guys at the Windsor old trout (another venue like the duchess in Leeds Sadly gone) One of my favourite teenage concerts.

  8. Power of Dreams will release 1989: The Best Of Power Of Dreams on 10th December. It features the brand new track, 1989, alongside twelve of the band's favourite songs spanning their career.

    Track list:

    1. 100 Ways To Kill A Love
    2. The Jokes On Me
    3. Stay
    4. Never Been To Texas
    5. Cancer
    6. There I Go Again
    7. Understand
    8. Happy Game
    9. Cathy's World
    10. Still Lost
    11. Metalscape
    12. Hymn For Him
    13. 1989

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Power-of-Dreams/110105199051287?v=wall

    Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/powerofdreams

    Join POD mailing list: http://ymlp.com/signup.php?id=gemqqsegmgj

    POD website: http://www.powerofdreams.ie


    Pete x