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Sunday 22 April 2007

Sultans of Ping

Formed in Ireland in 1988, the Sultans of Ping leapt to public consciousness with their catchy singalong pop masterpiece "Where's me Jumper?" - a searing tale of sartorial loss at a disco. Something we can all relate to.

Signing to Epic Records the band almost went from strength to strength and could have been contenders. They recorded with Japanese funsters Shonen Knife, did sessions for John Peel and toured extensively. Although for some reason I'll always associate them with Frank Sidebottom.

As with so many of our early 90s favourites they mae a brief comeback in 2005 and played a number of gigs with Jim Bob from Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine.

To avoid being overly cliched, this is the Sultans' second single, "Stupid Kid". Still as catchy and energetic, still as funny as Where's me jumper. An indie pop classic.

Sultans of Ping FC - Stupid Kid


  1. Damn. SOP. Thank you for bring back the memory of a rather excellent night in Brighton seeing them live!

  2. Apparently Sultans Of Ping are the special guest for the Carter "Farewell" ?!? shows in November, looking forward to a long hot,sweaty and drunken night !! Not too sure how i`ll feel the following morning though !!

  3. I saw the mighty Sultans in Barrow in Furness in early 1992. Support was from some chancers called Radiohead.