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Friday 4 May 2007

Jesus Jones

There was quite a fashion in the early 1990s for 'indie dance' music; along with Jesus Jones, bands like EMF, The Shamen and Pop Will Eat Itself were plying their trade around the indie discos and concert circuit and were making quite a name for themselves.

Jesus Jones were the next big thing. Again big in Japan, they also had not inconsiderable success in the USA; something few English bands manage at the best of times, and something usually reserved for middle-of-the-road cobblers.

Info Freako was the band's first EP and it's still as good today as it was then. A grinding, shouting, emotive primal scream of a record. The 12" was originally something of a rarity and at the height of their fame a copy would set you back £15 if you could find one. I know this because my mate Will bought one (from Vinyl Exchange in Manchester I think) as he was convinced Jesus Jones were going to be the next U2.

They weren't of course and you can now pick up a copy for £3 off ebay. And you should. It's fantastic. I've listened to this track 10 times in a row today and it still sounds as good.

Jesus Jones - Info Freako


  1. Anonymous08 July, 2007

    It's true, I did pay £15 for it. Not one of my wisest investments

  2. I have been looking for an MP3 of this for ages. My vinyl copy is knackered.

    Do you remember the Food 12" EP of bands covering each other's stuff? I recall it had Diesel Park West on it and I think they were covering Infofreako.

  3. Yeh i've got that e.p. on a tape that Ian Baker (the keyboard player gave me). It's in the Loft somewhere. I used to buy records off Ian when he worked in Rough Trade Records in London & a shop in Rayners Lane. He was (not sure if he still is cos i don't listen anymore) a DJ on XFM in London.

  4. The Diesel Park West version of Info Freako was also on their "Flipped" album.

    I remember tagging along with Friends to see INXS at Wembley just to see Jesus Jones who were one of the support acts.