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Monday 28 May 2007


Now I remember Lush being around much earlier, and a quick wander round Wikipedia suggests that this single - Ladykillers - is actually the band's penultimate release; funny how your memory plays tricks.

So, the official story is: British shoegazing band, formed 1998, featuring Steve Rippon, Emma Anderson, Chris Acland and Miki Berenyi.

It's probably Miki that chaps of a certain age will remember most fondly. Apart from the jolly old indie pop that Lush could bang out on occasion, Miki was the way to a young man's heart in the early 90s. Part-Japanese, Part-Hungarian, all lovely.

We should also remember that sadly, Chris Acland the band's drummer committed suicide in late 1996 at the age of just 30.

This is the Ladykillers, jolly sing-along britpop jangleyness in its pomp. Recorded from the 1996 green vinyl 7" single. Enjoy.

Lush - Ladykillers


  1. Hi,
    You made a typo, the band was formed in 1988. I remember quite clearly seeing them in 1990, with Pale Saints as openers. Which was surprising to us Frenchies, as only 2 EPs had been distributed in France so far, when Pale Saints had already a full album behind them. We understood why they were headlining during the first song of their set.
    An ex' kept listening "Single Girl" and "Ciao!" when we broke up. She took my first EPs with her...
    *spins in nostalgia mode...*

  2. Pale Saints were also awesome; on 4AD if I remember rightly. First album (The Comfort Of Madness?) was brilliant...

    *goes up to loft to retrieve vinyl and play loudly to bemused offspring*

    Great blog, by the way :)

  3. saw them live a couple of times. one time the Cranberries were the support act, just before they gained stardom. lush were great, cranberries were absolute shite

  4. I saw Lush at Royal Beford & holloway New College in Egham, Surrey. They were ace, then again a few times at the old trout in Windsor (supported by Moose at least once) then they went a bit shite and I lost interest - although they were pleasant enough at the pixies gig in a park somewhere in london (crystal palace maybe?) all i remember is miki's bright red/pink hair making it really easy to spot her at the side of the stage watching the other bands. Her hair, attractive face and lovely shapely, er, guitar.
    Pale Saints I saw at King Tut's Wah wah hut, supporting Cud I think or maybe the other way around? Perhaps not, tennants had a way of doing that to you.
    Cranberries was not until they made it to the Town & Country club (my gf, now wife wanted to go...they were underwhelming)

  5. Having followed the thing known as popular music since the 1960s, I vouch that Lush were probably my all time favourite band. Musically brilliant. Visually appealing. But I never saw them live - work, illness, you name it contrived to get in the way every time. Life eh?

  6. Like Howard, I saw them at RHBNC in Egham. I mainly went because of the pictures of Miki in the NME. I bought an EP (Mad Love) and wasn't that sold on it, but went to the gig anyway. Still got the EP somewhere. Remember seeing House of Love, The Levellers, Senseless Things, PWEI and many many more there too. Those were the days...

  7. Oh, how I loved this band!! Loved all their early stuff the most, but Split was pretty good too. I remember seeing Lush at the Forum in Kentish Town, somewhere between 1991-3....and many other gigs too. Glastonbury 1992, running to the front of the stage. 'Sigh'...those were the days. Must dig out my vinyl...........Love how on ITunes their album Spooky is listed as Dance....if thats whay you call shoegazing!