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Monday 16 July 2007

The Headmen

How did we manage before the internet was invented? Before everyday people recorded everything they ever knew on web pages, I'd have been left with a vague recollection of a Huddersfield-based band called The Headmen who I saw play a few gigs at places like the Top Spot Snooker Club when I was a lad - presumably where I picked up the 7" plastic here - but really nothing more.

Now of course I know that they did indeed play at Top Spot - with other local band of legend Fluffpulp - thanks to a collection of photos here and that courtesy of bass player Dave Pattern's blog they

"were signed to a local label (Positive Records) and released a demo tape ("The Happy Shoebox"), a single ("Kissed to Pieces") which got quite a bit of Radio 1 airplay, and a 12" EP ("Reach the Sky") — the demo tape was supposed to named "The Magic Shoebox", which was the name of a shoe shop opposite the "4th Wave Records" shop in Huddersfield."

There is also a flickr group of photos from their gigs here. I've been looking through the photos for the past half hour and mercifully they're all from Halifax and Hipperholme gigs so I'm not in any of them.

So actually I feel a bit dirty posting an mp3 of the music; so dirty I'm going to email Dave and ask him if it's ok. But because you've probably not heard of them and they are as deserving of going on here as any one else, catch while you can, The Headmen - Kissed to Pieces.


  1. Hi Matt

    I've no problem with you posting it, although technically I think Simon (as the songwriter) owns the copyright on the track.

    Our manager at the time (Chris Ellis) liked to sing the chorus as "Share your chips with me..." just to annoy Simon :-D

  2. Hey Matt....hey Davey!

    No problem with you posting it as far as I'm concerned.

    Great to ear it again....great days.

    Cheers for that!

  3. The Headmen were brilliant.They used my lounge for practising every Sunday. I'm not prejudiced-Simon's Mum