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Wednesday 4 July 2007

A House

That's right, it's flexi-disk time once again! This one courtesy of Irish indie funsters A House. formed in the mid-80s, once more this is a tale of not living up to potential; the band never hit the big time as was hoped, with "Endless Art" - an indie disco favourite nonetheless - the only release to even think about possibly trouble the chart compilers.

The band's wikipedia entry suggests that they were signed to some big labels (Parlophone, Setanta, Blanco y Negra, MCA), and also suggests that the band are still going, but there's not a lot of information around. Mind you, that's not why you're here...

The flexi pictured and featured was apparently sent to their fan club members in the Christmas of 1992. I don't remember being a member of the fan club, but there's the flexi with my name and address on, so I must have been. Drinking in Manchester in the early 1990s was a dangerous thing for the impressionable and gullible music fan like myself.

A House - Slang


  1. Probably the greatest band to have ever come out of Walkinstown. The landed gentry of early 90s Irish indie pop, their album "I am The Greatest" was not only sublime but also led to a toilet incident between me, their guitarist Fergal Bunbury, Edwyn Collins and Roddy Frame in Jack Charlton-owned pub venue The Baggott Inn. If that wasn't enoug, A House deserve a lifetime achievement award for Dave Couse's opening line to the audience at their sell-out farewell gig in the Olympia ... "Where the fuck have you all been for the past six years?"

  2. Band are long gone guys, but Dave Couse (the singer) and Ferg (Guitar) are still going. Couse has released two albums, the last of which was particularly good...


    and an A House fansite www.zop.ca

  3. Damn find band. "Curious" and "She keeps my humble" are regulars on the evil mp3 player.

  4. Anonymous08 May, 2008

    Found "I Am The Greatest" the other day and put it on my iPod and it's bloody marvellous.
    "Take It Easy On Me" is perfect in every way. My three-year-old loves it, too.