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Monday, 17 December 2007

Mambo Taxi

Congratulations Mrs Internet, it's a post about early 90s riot girl combo Mambo Taxi!

Well, it would be but I can't even remember whey I bought this single or anything else about the band. The best bit of information I could find is from Stewart Mason's All Music Guide and goes like this:

"The short-lived all-female combo Mambo Taxi was born out of the U.K. garage rock scene of the early '90s, but their music mixed garage with punk, pop, and dance influences. The first-names-only group consisted of Delia (ex-Cornershop, future Family Way and Baby Birkin) on guitar and vocals, Ella on vocals and guitar, Andrea on keyboards, Lenie on bass, and Karin on drums. (Karin was later replaced by Huggy Bear's Anjali.) Mambo Taxi released three singles, 1992's "Prom Queen," 1993's four-song EP "Poems on the Underground," and 1994's "Do You Always Dress Like That?" as well as one album, 1994's In Love With Mambo Taxi, before splintering later that year."
Mambo Taxi were part of the "Riot Grrrl" movement of the early 90s, a group of shouty ladies in such illustrious bands as Huggy Bear, Bikini Kill and Babes in Toyland; all bands that were full of energy and oestrogen and who were far more interesting than the latter day Girl Power shit of the Spice Girls et al.

Well, as it's Christmas and this is a pretty crappy post, can I make it up to you by offering you an mp3 of Mambo Taxi - Prom Queen? You'd like that? Well, Merry Christmas to you then! And here's my card to you. Print it out and imagine I posted it to you. For real excitement, why not staple a five pound note to it?


  1. Cheers for this - I still listen to Poems on the Underground all the time and I'd completely forgotten about Do You Always Dress Like That - what a song that was!

  2. A minor factual error in that biog. Oddly, it's unlikely, but it could just've been written by my friend Stuart Mason (note the different spelling of Stuart), who was dating Karin at the time and starred in the Do You Always.. video - dressed as a chick.

    The minor correction then is that of course Karin was in Huggy Bear already and Anjali who replaced her was in Voodoo Queens :)

  3. Poems on the Underground is a great song.

    I saw them live a couple of times - Andrea managed to drink Newcastle Brown ale while playing keyboard. A rare talent.

  4. Thanks - just discovered this great band. Thanks for the tune, too.