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Friday 14 December 2007

The Planet Wilson

To Hull then today for The Planet Wilson who, you may or may not recall from way back in the past, were the support band for Ned's Atomic Dustbin at the Duchess of York in Leeds in 1990 at my first ever gig and were, I guess, in that case technically the first band I ever saw live. That's top indie pop knowledge that is.

Anyway, hailing from Hull and formed (it says here) from the remnants of a band called the Red Guitars, The Planet Wilson released a couple of cracking albums - 1988's In the Best of All Possible Worlds and the follow-up Not Drowning but Waving - and possibly a couple of singles.

The first album has more than a hint of the late-Talking Heads, early-solo-David Byrnes about it (as you can probably hear on this recording of The Planet Wilson - Flap The Bird) and, for some reason, really reminds me of The Bees. Neither of these things can be considered bad (or at least very bad).

Trouserpress.com has a bit more information here, but that's about it again I'm afraid. Any more background gratefully received.


  1. Red Guitars were a great band, at least their single Good Technology was. I think they featured on The Tube when they did a special in Hull.

  2. I was at the Planet Wilson/Ned's Atomic Dustbin gig too and I also have a Duchess of York flyer advertising it.

    Planet Wilson were an excellent live band;Hallam Lewis on guitar and Lou Howard on bass had both been in Red Guitars.