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Friday 29 February 2008

Edsel Auctioneer

Edsel Auctioneer (or possibly The Edsel Auctioneer I can never remember) have been on my list of bands for here for a while now, but I'd been umming and ahhing around and not getting round to it for various reasons. Then this week I finally got round to copying the 12" I had to hand and, well I'll be honest here, I can't believe I'd forgotten how much I liked them.

There's a nice little history here and once again the wiki page is a great help so avail yourself there for now. But basically the band were from Leeds, formed in 1988, banged out half a dozen cracking EPs and a couple of albums, played some Peel Sessions and split.

But I guess the important thing for me is that at the height of the floppy-fringed twattery of "Madchester", bands from our side of the Pennines were producing really good "rock" music, for want of a better name. A lot of the reviews liken the band's music to Dinosaur Jr and you can see why, there's a lot of swooping, screaming guitar and good old-fashioned (well, old-fashioned now but not quite so popular in late 1989) wailing and gnashing vocals.

Oh, and from the first linked site here a lovely bit of indie/football cross over that I'm hoping to bring you an extra special post about in a week or so:

"the [band's] instrumental track [on their second LP The Good Time Music Of...] named "11th September 94" more than likely refers to Leeds beating Man Utd 2-1 on that day (a Sunday). The Leeds goals were apparently scored by Brian Deane and David Wetherall."

This here then is Edsel Auctioneer - Unbroken Line from 1990's Gutted EP; this post is brought to you by the need to record the fact that it's 29th February and if I'm still doing this in four years time, the wife will have divorced me!

Also, you might have noticed I've started including links to buy some of the music featured on here, I noticed that Amazon has a lot of this stuff and if, like me, you want to spend a few bob here and there I'm going to try and put them in to help (and, as it's affiliate linked, help me out as well). So here you can buy the aforementioned album on CDor on vinyl.


  1. I'm currently posting the Edsel's complete vinyl discography here: http://www.pyrolysebred.blogspot.com/ for anyone who might be interested (probably no one in this case but there's other stuff too).

  2. I was going to ask if you'd got "stickleback". I remember seeing them on TV the once and loved "stickleback", then the one guy came back on to play with the Pale saints, who were amazing.
    I'll check out PB's discography first.