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Wednesday 13 February 2008

The Telescopes

More spacey 1991-based indie today with Burton-on-Trent's only* famous sons The Telescopes and once more into the white label promo versions of EPs with Celeste, as featured here.

There's a very good site here with all your information, so again I won't wade too much into the background and Wikipedia is again a mine of useful information; although, one question is asked by the Wiki: is Jo Doran, the erstwhile backing singer and guitar-botherer related to Sara Doran out of Blessed Ethel?

The Telescopes were much-loved by the music press of the time, Steve Lamacq who was working at the NME at the time loved them and so did the Melody Maker. It's cheating a bit putting them on here as they reformed in 2004 and are still touring around the place, but let's remember them where they belong, as part of the early 1990s indie/shoegazing pantheon.

So this: The Telescopes - Celeste, is the title track from the EP.

* Yes, yes, apart from Freddie Starr

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  1. Great band and thanks for reminding the world of such. Strangely I was thinking of blogging on them soon as I've gone back to them after listening to Steeple Remove, a band with definite Telescopic tendencies, Have a listen here: http://bothbarson.wordpress.com/2008/02/13/wake-uptime-to-drone/

  2. another one! I'd forgotten all about them, they were great.

  3. I actually saw them play 2 nights ago at a pub in Sheffield. They were ok. Better than I'd expected at any rate.