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Wednesday 9 April 2008

Th' Faith Healers

Once more into the London-based world of swooping, swirling indie rock today with Th' Faith Healers, a rather good band that plied their trade on the indie circuit from (probably) 1990 to 1994; and jolly good they were too, despite what is universally considerd to be an unhealthy fixation with Krautrock.

The band were really good live, produced some belting singles and almost had a crack at the really big time (not least as they supported The Breeders on a US tour) but unfortunately never really converted fanbase and critical success into the commercial fame they probably deserved before splitting. They re-formed in the early 2000s for one more crack at the big time, but apart from a short tour and a couple of re-releases, they've not really been seen since 2006, so they are ripe for a mention here.

The All Music Guide tells you most of what you'll need to know and this is a really good Faith Healers fan site which fills in a lot of gaps, so again I'll not copy left, right and center and suggest you pop over there for a read. Oh, and of course the band have, as is fashionable, one of those new-fangled Myspace pages for even more.

Here you go, have Th' Faith Healers - My Loser, an only available in the US on blue vinyl limited edition 7" and everything.

I can heartily recommend buying Th' Faith Healers' Peel Sessions by clicking here


  1. Great band. I loved Reptile Smile

  2. This Time was my fave track.

  3. "Belting" - a very good description!!

    And I can almost see the blue vinyl's sheen...

  4. Saw them at the Garage a couple of times and they were huge. Seem to remember Peel was particularly bowled over by their session version of Without You

  5. Ah Th'Faith Healers ...

    Saw them at least twice, once in Islington (maybe at the Garage when it was the Town & Country Club??) and another time at Glastonbury.

    They did a cover of a Can song and based on that I went out and bought Tago Mago & the rest of my life was changed.

    Their best song was an eight-plus minute wonder called "Spin 1/2 [half]". I always wondered if it was somehow inspired by physics, electrons and stuff.

  6. Anonymous13 July, 2008

    Great choice! Saw them open for (and destroy) the Breeders. Agreed they were a huge wallofguitar live.