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Thursday 3 April 2008

The Popguns

Well well, April again and I just realised that not only did I miss the anniversary of putting this tosh on a too-full internet, but I also missed the chance to put Kylie in as a hilarious April Fool's joke. Well, PWL were an independent label...

Ah well. Instead, why not have another of Brighton's jingly-jangly massive, yes it's The Popguns ladies and gentlemen, and here recorded from the lovely one-sided promo pictured; always the best way to hear a piece of indie pop if a flexi disk is not readily available.

The Popguns score several points on the "How Indie Are You?" Facebook application of life. Not only are they from the aforementioned Sussex seaside indie wonderland, but they had a lady singer and, get this, the ex-drummer from the Wedding Present; one Shaun Charman. Marvellous stuff.

The wikipedia page is a little sparse and their 'official' page hasn't been updated since 2003, but we do know that they banged out a load of cracking singles and albums (discography here), bashed around from 1988 to 1996 and made the Festive 50 at least once (certainly 1989 with Landslide) and certainly had a touch of the Wedding Present about them. OK, they might not have had David Gedge's angst down, but they certainly had lyrics that were deeper then you might have thought from first listen.

So this is The Popguns - waiting for the Winter; the height of twee. Lovely stuff.

You can buy The Popguns best of "Another Year Another Address: the Best of the Midnight Years" by clicking here


  1. Ah, The Popguns - I honestly think that they're one of the more under-rated indie bands of that period, and this is a smashing single. I heard them being played on daytime radio once and wondered if they were finally crossing over - I think the added exposure managed to get them to number 28 on the indie chart rather than nowhere.

    Brilliant blog, by the way.

  2. Dear Matt,

    wonderful blog - it'll be on my blogroll later today, promised. 'Still A World Away' by The Popguns is one of my all time favourites, by the way!

    Have fun,


  3. So , I'm brazilian and I love The Popguns too !! They are wonderful , a great band , always I remember good moments when I hear SOMEONE YOU LOVE and Wendy has a unusual and very very very nice voice , it's lovely !! And I 'm trying to buy Another Year Another Adress , but it's very complicate , in my country is impossible to buy !!! I go to try amazon.com . I will try !!
    THx To post

  4. Saw the wonderful Popguns on a boat cruise around Plymouth Sound with the rest of my 'crew' from The Minerva pub back in the day.

    We LOVE 'em!

    Beer in the ear!