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Wednesday 4 June 2008

The Hollow Men

The Hollow Men were first brought to my attention by a nice lady called Mandy, who emailed me way back in March. She'd been after a copy of an EP called The Drowning Man. Sadly I can't help with that particular request, but I can help with a lovely 12" called "What To Look For In Summer".

So, The Hollow Men. Coming out of Leeds in the mid-1980s, the band were at least a six-piece and released numerous albums and singles (according to their myspace page anyway). The band were lumped in with the Madchester groups of the time, unfairly really as they do sound a bit like the Stone Roses et al, but once more there's far more depth to the music that you'd expect; compare them with Northside and you'll see how much better they were.

The Last FM page has a pretty good discography and background (and, for Mandy has The Drowning Man for you listening pleasure).

Anyway, Madchester aside, you'll like this, it's The Hollow Men - November Comes; and it features some of that great wah-wah pedal-created wacka-wacka noise that was so popular in 1990.

Oh, and according to my chum Gareth, one of their first press photos had them all brushing their teeth. Crazy!

Amazingly, Cresta, their album is available for as little as 50p on Amazon!

Hang on! Youtube comes up trumps again...


  1. Oh wow! How cool, I feel almost famous! :D

    Thanks for the Last.fm link too! xx

  2. Heh, I remember The Hollow Men always occupying the bargain bin. It seemed for ages that a 12" single of theirs was always £1 and so was begging to be bought because it was on pink vinyl (was it called Pink Flamingo?) and really, how bad could it've been. I know I bought it, but it didn't make impression enough to warrant more than a couple of spins.

  3. Ah, not Pink Flamingo, but Pink Panther... :)

  4. i think some members were formerly from the passmore sisters.
    am i right? you familiar w/ them?

  5. Huge thanks to you and your brilliant blog, as a really lovely chap called Chris got in touch with me to give (yes, give!) me a spare copy he had of The Drowning Man.

    After all these years my search is over, thanks Matt! ;)


  6. Anonymous19 May, 2012

    Looks like http://www.hiddenmasters.net has a plan to issue a The Hollow Men retrospective in early / mid 2013