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Wednesday 11 June 2008


Another entry in the "fuck me, that was hard to Google" stakes today with Top.

As requested by Kirtsy and Steve in Facebook group of this here page, Top were a Liverpudlian three-piece who kicked around for a couple of years at the start of the 1990s.

Clinging onto the coat-tails of Madchester and the Liverpool scene that gave us The Las and their ilk, Alan Wills, Joe Fearon and Paul Cavanagh knocked out a few cracking singles and an album (Emotion Lotion) and even recorded a Peel Session before going the way of so many other of their contemporaries.

The internet knows very little of Top - possibly due to the aforementioned Googling problems - so any more detail is again welcome.

You can listen to Top - Buzzin' here and should you wish buy a copy of "Emotion Lotion" here, for as little as 89p!


  1. I saw them play the Bay Hotel in Gourock they were supported by The Cranberries. I can't offer anymore info I'm afraid

  2. I used to really like their CD, it really was a pop gem. I turned a bunch of friends to this CD when I went to college in '91 and remember many times I would hear this CD being played through the halls of my dorm at the Uni. of Iowa.

    I have also had an exceptionally hard time finding any info on them on the internet. If I was ever in a band I would never name it something like this, or South, or The Music.

    Excellent blog btw, thanks for taking the time to create and post to it.

  3. Alan Wills is the founder/owner of Deltasonic Records home of the Coral and Zutons, amongst others. Joe Fearon is also an in-house producer there as well.