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Monday 2 February 2009


I'm afraid I've not got any snow-related pop to hand, so in the meantime, how about some Chapterhouse?

Sneaking in (and often lumped in) with the shoegazing boys, Chapterhouse were much more than just another raggle taggle bunch of floppy-haired chaps, these Reading-based boys knew how to put together a swooping bit of indie dance-cum-pop that is vaguely reminiscent of the mid-90s MegaDog-style world dance nonsense that I'll admit I had a brief flirtation with; but again, they're much more than that.

As usual there's a wikipedia page but there's actually a dearth of fansites about, which is pretty unusual for a band that made a fair impact in their time. But the background is that half a dozen fellas from Reading put together a band and, instead of just banging out a demo tape and disappearing, toured extensivly with such luminaries as Spaceman 3 until they were good enough to release records - not something you could really imagine happening these days!

Most of the band's releases came out in 1990 and 1991, but they hung around until 1993 at least, still touring, still putting out a bit here and there, then finally splitting and shuffling off to join other bands. Later on Cherry Red re-released some of their stuff and there was a brief reformation at the 2008 Truck Festival.

So, how would you like to hear Chapterhouse - She's a Vision? I thought as much.

And you can buy the reissued debut album Whirlpoolhere, should you so wish.


  1. Just popped onto your blog to find this tune today. I bought the limited purple vinyl 7" of this single and listening to it as I type!
    Chapterhouse were great and 'Pearl' especially on 'Whirlpool' was amazing. If I remember rightly Ashley from the band popped up in a 4AD band called Cuba who did one outstanding track called Havana.
    Anyway, thanks for giving Chapterhouse a well deserved place back on the Internet!



  2. We're going to have to cross reference each others posts!

    I bought Chapterhouse at the time but even Pearl sounds like a ragged dog of a record these days to me. These guys were a poor man's Ride or Slowdive.

    The Global Communication remix of Whirlpool is still very good though

  3. "often lumped in) with the shoegazing boys"

    you're 'avin a larf innit?

    In my mind Chapterhouse & Slowdive are your quintissential shoe-gazing bands and the yardstick by which all shall be measured.

    Which sees Ride and My Bloody Valentine being much, much more than just another shoe-gazing band.

    And sees early Lush as definitely, definitely shoe-gazing, no question.

  4. I still find Chapterhouse exhilerating, Autosleeper is a classic.