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Thursday 19 February 2009

Land of Barbara

When I was clearing up the mess of notes I've got for this place, I remembered that I'd been pointed towards Land of Barbara by Mark from The Nilon Bombers way back when and I'd forgotten that they're rather good; there's a sort of Flowered Up vibe about the keyboards and cowbells, coupled with something I can't quite put my finger on, but still makes for a nice bit of indie-dance-rock.

We're a bit sparse on information about the band unfortunately, but some good internetting provides us with the knowledge that the band released at least three singles; "Silence is the Virtue" in 1992, "Alcohol" in 1993 and the featured-below "Kid Whiskey/Limited" double A-side in 1994 and I had a brief email conversation with Martin from the band last year - it's taken a while to get round to doing this - where he suggested they had loads of unreleased stuff, recorded at Toe Rag Studios, that he'd like to get released at some point.

The band played the Phoenix Festival in 1994 and had previously been scheduled to record a session of Mark Radcliffe's legendary Radio 5 programme "Hit the North" in 1993 but "their van broke down on the way to the session and they couldn't make it so Wonky Alice came in at very short notice and did a session instead".

But that's about it. The band members listed on the 7" are Martin Yelswel (vocals, guitar, flageolet), Tom King (guitar and backing vocals), Jon Skin (bass), Dr NJ Tudman (organs, grunts) and John Clube (drums); so there we go and here you go, it's Land of Barbara - Kid Whiskey. Enjoy.


  1. Yay! had some good nights with these boys. Mostly at the Camden Monarch or Splash Club in 93 and 94. They were a great Live band, as well as being very funny blokes.
    Good work Matt, you are Legend.

  2. can you post the b side and do you have the Alcohol single?

  3. wow, someone else out there remembers us. Great comments. They were great times. We are all still around. I run a production company in Camden called Gas&Electric, Jon recently departed from running it with me. Martin is in Hull i believe, Jon the drummer is somewhere around. Nigel (the doctor) - well who knows..and James the second keyboard player i still meet from time to time. Its about time we published some tracks up on the web.

  4. bit of nostalgia here. yes me John the drummer is still around, living in sunny hastings runnin a design outfit, manically banging a drum when ever i get an opportunity!! this website is cool, it's good to recognise all these old bands. Dr. Phibes and the newfads. top stuff>

  5. I used to love watching this band! Lots of fun on and off stage. I've got the single but would love to hear 'Give Me Some Of That' again. I can't believe it was so long ago.

  6. Christ on a bike! I got on a train from Milton Keynes down to London to see these and Mr Rays Wigworld (who were my fave band at the time). I even got invited back stage for a swift drink before the journey home. I distinctly remember not many people being there, and I think I may even still have my ticket/flyer......We are talking early 92 which seems such a very, very, very long time ago.

  7. Elpopkid... that gig would be at the Camden Falcon I reckon. Anyway the reason I popped in here was to communicate the message that finally I have located a DAT player (that actually works) have now nine tracks from Toe Rag Studios of which only four were ever released. They sound amazing, simple as. There's also another four recorded on Falconer 1. And there is more. This is good news. If only the master multi tracks to these existed that would be fun indeed.


  8. I think I've got them somewhere. Kid whisky sounds as fresh as ever!

  9. I saw LoB at the Oliver Twist in Colchester circa '94. I remember thinking that Martin was an ace front man. I believe they were supported by Mad Cyril who were immense. Not sure what happened to them, I always thought they'd make it big.

  10. Saw them at the pheonix festival, they're are really good