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Monday 17 March 2008


Another band that was brought to my attention by an email, this time by a very nice chap called Martin. The band in question? Disco. No, me either.

They were around in about 1995, appeared at the In the City expo in Manchester, and released two singles by the look at it. I've got a scan of a cutting from the NME, it says that Stop Me and Buy One, the mp3 below is:

"a simpering, simmering cauldron of feisty, femme-tastic shenanigans... All bloody marvellous."
Well, I guess that's one way of putting it. Listen to the mp3 below; it's rough and exciting in a 'two girls shouting into a bin' way.

I managed to hunt a copy of this single down from a very helpful Dutch chap at a record shop called Distortion Records in Amsterdam (and if I'm ever in that fine city again I'm certainly popping in to see them; Amond was a great help).

Anyway, this is Disco - Stop Me and Buy One and I think you'll see why they are a long lost band. I hate being rude about people who managed to form a band, get a single out, get reviewed and get heard of by people; my respect for them is part of why I'm doing this. But, and it's a big but, I'm sorry, the NME were talking out of their hats. This really isn't that good...


  1. nice blog. are you familiar with a group called 'band of slaves'?
    they were from the early 90's and i saw their video once called 'eternity'. it was good. they sounded like a cross between echo & the bunnymen and the doors.
    can't seem to find anything about them in the 'net.
    also, how about ac marias, korova milk bar, mute drivers.

  2. Anonymous17 June, 2008

    Disco supported my band in 1995. They were cr@p. Used to try and be really controversial by throwing out stolen manic Street Preacher comments like "Let's build a bypass over your sh1t town!"

    They were assholes too. Gladd to see they got the success they deserved!!