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Thursday 20 March 2008

Jacob's Mouse

I should really draw up an indie map one day; granted most of this stuff will be Oxford, Glasgow or Manchester-based, but here's another entry for the agricultural wastelands of Suffolk.

Jacob's Mouse were a rather nice indie rock band with, and I feel this is important, identical twin brothers Jebb and Hugo Boothby playing bass and guitar. I don't think I've featured twins before; identical or otherwise.

Wikipedia says that they formed in 1991 and

"...despite some critical acclaim, and a successful UK tour supporting Babes in Toyland and Trumans Water, they failed to take the wider world by storm. Following the release of their Rubber Room LP in 1995, Jacob's Mouse split."
There's a good full biog on the Wiija site, so pop along there for more and as usual TrouserPress know all.

They seem to get tagged as "grunge" around the internet which seems rather unfair. Granted some of their stuff is more rock than the jingly jangly indie stuff we all know and love, but still. They recorded a couple of Peel Sessions and released some cracking records, so hats off to them and welcome to the blog.

This particular mp3 is a good ones as well, Jacob's Mouse - Company News, it's from the legendary Rough Trade Singles Club as well, nicely.

Oh, and you can buy Jacob's Mouse "No Fish Shop Parking" here.


  1. Your blog is making me happy.

  2. This song is a cover version. The original is in fact by World Domination Enterprises. It's a good cover but the original is stunning. Stunning, and on youtube

    World Dom - Company News


  3. Nice work sir. By the way, you can now hear Jacob's Mouse's entire first John Peel session (as well as a CD sourced version of Company News) on their Myspace tribute page:


  4. Aha - haven't checked this blog in a while, but the second I do I find something that delights!

    Jacob's Mouse were the most underrated band ever, ever, ever. Even moreso than Tiger or the Senseless Things.

    I recently rebought I'm Scared and had forgotten how utterly amazing 'Solo' is. Such a great tune.

    The production ain't up to much, but with this kind of stuff, that isn't the point. Great post.

  5. Gotta Disagree with previous Anonymous. World Domination Enterprises may have been the original but Jacob's Mouse version shits all over it