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Friday 14 March 2008

Gigolo Aunts

A bit of an odd one this, the Gigolo Aunts are American, but couldn't sound more indie if they tried. Well, if they tried any harder to sound like Teenage Fanclub anyway.

It's a bit of a shame really, as a band they were pretty good and they knocked out some cracking indie pop; unfortunately they never really took off over here and were kind of swamped by all the other American bands doing bloody grunge, just as they started to make their name.

They did of course have a massive hit in "Where I Find My Heaven" which featured in "comedy" film Dumb and Dumber and in the late-but-not-really-lamented sitcom "Game On" which featured the comedy stylings of Samantha "let's just forget Eurovision, please!" Janus, the ginger chap who does the adverts and the hilarious bloke who wouldn't leave the flat.

I went to see them in a comeback gig in what must have been 1998 or 1999 at The Garage in Highbury; all the way through you just knew the audience were waiting for them to do the song. To their credit they did; they saved it for a show-stopper at the end. I remember them doing it twice, but I may be wrong.

Anyway, they deserved better, they produced some lovely indie pop and if they'd made it big(gish) 3 years earlier we'd still be talking about them.

Here for your listening pleasure, copied from the coloured vinyl 7", here's Gigolo Aunts - Mrs Washington, complete with scratches and a skip or two. just so you can see that they had more than one song.

You can buy the Gigolo Aunts "Best of"here.

And ok, here's THE SONG. Sorry lads. Still, that's some mighty fine indie hair.

1 comment:

  1. For the sake of a bit more completeness...

    Anyone who wants more than the familiar couple of songs on the best of might well be better off buying Minor Chords And Major Themes, which is a staggeringly good album. The One Before The Last is not quite as polished but rocks like a maniac, and Pacific Ocean Blues contains Maybe The Change Will Do Us Good, which is fantastic.

    Dave's more recent work as Kid Lightning is a bit more lo-fi quietpop. And now with Low Stars he's turning out stunning CSNY-alike harmony vocal fabulousness. There's tons more recent stuff to investigate on myspace.

    Great band, top chaps too.