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Wednesday 14 May 2008

Circus Circus Circus

We're going with another request for this month's first entry. Circus Circus Circus (also more conveniently for the typer known as Circus X3) were brought to my attention by my mate Dan who'd been digitising his collection of bloody terrible goth singles when this little gem popped up in the middle.

I have to admit here that the only thing that seems to exist anywhere is a MySpace page for the band, but that tells us what we need to know.

The band were formed in Beckhenham, South London in the mid-80s and comprised Doug Hart on vocals, Ric Clark and Mark Shaw on guitars, Richard Bentley on bass and Rich Spicer on drums. From the press cuttings available the band seem to have been a well-produced, slick and stylish five-piece who could belt out a cracking tune. I never saw them live, but they sound a bit like The Shadows.

Still, they obviously toured extensively and released a number of singles and at least one album so someone reading this will know more about them to fill in the gaps.

So, in the meantime feel free to enjoy the (unfortunately crackly) musical stylings of Circus Circus Circus - Inside the Inside Out Man. I rather like it, it's a nice bit of jingly-jangly indie pop and one more added to the list of obscurities.


  1. Anonymous16 May, 2008

    Can you do "Dream Academy"'s life in a northern town. I think it got remixed into that Dario "Voices" Thing, which was used to advertise france 98???. They were kind of kitchen of distinction-esque?

    Also, can you do better than google and tell me who it was that had that one that went "Never can forget Sally Ann"

  2. Anonymous16 May, 2008

    Re "Sally Ann" - google gave you as #1 link - it was the select version by milltown brothers I was thinking of..ace!

  3. circus circus circus - i met one of them when i was in sorrento in 1987 i think - rik - he was lovely and sent me their butcher bitches single and a postcard of the beckenham fire brigade ?! video on youtube, still sounds great

  4. There's a video of them on The Chart Show here as well:


  5. Anonymous27 May, 2008

    Is that the same Doug Hart as was in The JAMC????????

  6. 'Is that the same Doug Hart as was in The JAMC????????'

    NO... but the odd misplaced royalty cheque, always made a most welcome bonus!!!!!!!!

  7. Great site

    I recently digitised two of their 12"s and a single so email me if you want a copy - I was going to do a feature on them on my own site but I see their Myspace is pretty thorough. Hope they do more gigs as can't make the one in Herne Hill on friday

    www.farroutmusic.com - contains feature on Stump.


    email - Gavgotti@aol.com

  8. Circus Circus Circus was my absolutely favourite band as a teenager - I saw them play 16 times including on a boat going up the Thames and at the Marquee and 100 Club. I used to have their posters plastered over my wall at Uni. Great days.