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Monday 19 May 2008


Eat were a cracking band; formed in London in the mid-1980s by indie genius Ange Dolittle (latterly of criminally over looked band Dolittle). Splitting in 1990 due to "musical differences", not least Ange's heroin addiction, the original bluesy-folky-cajun inspired Eat reformed with a new line-up in 1992 as the seminal indie pop band we now know and love; something we should all be glad for.

Big in the UK, but never breaking the big time in the States, Ange and Eat gave it all up in 1995; playing to empty rooms in an abortive tour being the final straw.

There's a good Wikipedia entry and the biography at Forgotten Band Planet is particularly good, so we won't cover too much old ground. Instead, enjoy Eat - Mr and Mrs Smack from the Plastic Bag EP, it's a lovely bit of swooping indie pop; one more reason to be glad for Eat.

You can buy Eat's second album "Epicure" here. You should


  1. There's an excellent Eat family tree at the dolittle site. They still do Mr and Mrs Smack.

  2. Anonymous20 May, 2008

    Great biog page of WeKnowWhereYouLive (feat Ange Dolittle and ex-Stuffies) here http://www.room512.com/minisites/wkwyl/biography.html

  3. Anonymous22 May, 2008

    I used to work with Tim Sewell at Ticketmaster where he was a programmer from about 1997. He may still be there, he was in 2003 or so when i left

  4. Nice choice. Eat were great, WKWYL were great, BYM were great and Dolittle are great. And Epicure is a staggeringly good album.

  5. Do have the rest of the Plastic Bag ep by any chance, would love the other two tracks.
    Theres a great live show of theirs from 89 up on Dimeadozen at moment!

  6. Check this out for all things Eat http://EatEatEat.uk.googlepages.com

  7. Anonymous30 July, 2011

    heh, I dont work there no more.
    Take a look at http://uk.myspace.com/eatdemosoutakes