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Wednesday 21 May 2008

Paris Angels

Paris Angels were part of the great Manchester indie/dance crossover explosion of 1990 and were well up there with the best of them. Although sadly nowhere near popular and remembered as some of their contemporaries, the Paris Angels were just as good, if not better.

The seven piece band featured, amongst others, Paul Wagstaff (latterly of The Mondays) on guitar and were regulars in the Hacienda scene that made "Madchester" the terrifying behemoth of dance and bad trousers that it became.

The Wikipedia amd 24 hour party people pages have what you need to know.

This is Paris Angels - Perfume, the band's first single from 1990, number 6 in the 1990 Festive Fifty, which beat such luminaries as The Happy Mondays, The Orb and the mighty New FADS. The 1990 Festive Fifty, as an aside, is a list of probably the 50 most indie songs ever put together; how many have you got in your collection?

And the video, thank you youtube.


  1. i have this 12", and the more techno-y dance version still makes me want to get up and bob around a bit.

  2. yeah the video version isn't the one that used to get all the play is it? i actually prefer this one.

  3. I've got the CD single up on my blog with the dancey version....


    nice blog matt, I've got a link to yours on mine...


  4. Marvellous blog.

    Have to say only ever heard the 'landmark' techno/cross-over version - so didn't know of another, though doesn't particularly surprise me there was an indie/baggy original, with hindsight.

    Just a query, though? Cursory research seems to turn up the 2 1990 sunflower seed release versions (All on You & Perfume), the 3 1991 ink pot/perfume versions (all on you, summer and loved up) and the one on the album.

    Son which one then is this? Can anyone help?

    - Jacko