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Wednesday 8 October 2008

The Corn Dollies

To London now with sadly short-lived twangy/jingly-jangly The Corn Dollies. You'll like this lot, they're fantastic and produce really top notch singalong music that's absolutely the sort of stuff I was thinking of when I start this madness 18 months ago.

There's a good little biog/discography here and tweenet and wikipedia have the usual. Unfortunately as Wilfully Obscure points out, there's not a lot else kicking around about the band, which seems a shame as from what I can hear they were great. Sadly I guess you can add them to the ever-growing list of indie bands that were killed by grunge.

Having said that, they did feature on the anti-poll tax/indie masterpiece that is Alvin Lives in Leeds

I don't know why but this song, The Corn Dollies - Be Small Again reminds me of Billy Bragg for some reason, I think the opening twangy-singy bits sounds a but like Accident Waiting to Happen, or maybe that's just me.


  1. I remember an episode of Transmission in about 1989 with an interview. They were complainging about people still wanting to hear "Map Of The World".

    Transmission! Blimey.

  2. I think it was transmission or Snub that I heard them do Shake, for ten seconds after the Corn Dollies became my favourite band. It was however literally ten seconds.

  3. Anonymous05 June, 2009

    I am digging through my old tapes and looking up some of the bands in Google and came across your post. Hadn't heard this track, thanks! "Map Of The World" was a better track IMHO ;-)

  4. I remember them as almost two different bands.
    Their earlier stuff was melodic and jangly, with more of an acousitc feel.
    They must of got a bit bored with it all, because Map of the World appeared out of nowhere and was way harder.
    I saw them live towards the end of their existence, and they certainly weren't the delicate indie flowers you'd expect them to be!

  5. I saw them in Manchester in 1990. Took my new girlfriend (now wife) and we were one of 14 people in the audience, which may explain why they split. I loved the band and had given thema massive build up. Fortunately she loved them too.Shame they're not around now as they'd be more appreciated. We need their music available on CD.

  6. I agree but I would wouldn';t I.I was the drummer.I miss playing live alot and it was tons of fun.....Still happy though (all important) Love Jack(Jacob) Hoser....