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Friday 17 October 2008

The Moonflowers

Following in the great "you can't be indie unless your band name has a 'The' at the start..." theme of recent times, it's The Moonflowers today; proudly ploughing the same furrow as Flowered Up and knocking out some of that old fashioned trippy indie that was oh so popular in the early 90s.

There's a whole site dedicated to them here and more myspace gubbins for me to regurgitate; but basically:

"Formed in December 1987 for a few parties: [the band] made records until 1997...Following the success of indie hit 'Get Higher' in 1990, they were transported to a national, then international platform beseeching their audience and followers to hold hands while they watched the group cavort and leap about in an effort to obtain world peace by the year 1999."
Got to set your sights high I guess...

Unfortunately The Moonflowers are another of the bands (like The Chesterfields and Lush) who have an ex-member who died early; in this case drummer Toby Pascoe who died aged 32.

Well, on that cheery note, here's The Moonflowers - Fire; try not to hum Weeee-kender as you're listening.

Just a note as well, the 7" this is copied off doesn't appear to be on their "official" discography, it certainly looks kind of promo, maybe my reader can offer some sort of extra information?


  1. Hi Matt, I've got far too much Moonflowers in my record collection despite not considering myself a hardcore fan. I even DJ'ed at a gig they played at Brunel University when they supported by Ocean Colour Scene. They were brilliant musicians as well as brilliant hippies you know. OCS had an on stage disagreement as to which bit of the sixties they were ripping off and it looked like they had split right in front of me, sadly that was not the case and they went o to torment me for several more years...

  2. The bassist from The Moonflowers was the only 'rock star' in our village so I always had a soft spot for them.

    "We dig your earth (dig it!)" was my favourite song.

    I also remember a gig at the Phoenix Festival in Stratford when the band started playing without the singer.

    He turned up halfway through a song dressed in a suit because he'd been to a funeral but slipped seamlessly into the song.

    Great site, by the way.

  3. I Was There (yes!) at the infamous Avon Free Festival nude incident. Sadly my memory of the event is vague - we were sitting rather too far back from the stage for any shocking images to imprint themselves.

    It was all so long ago.