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Tuesday 28 October 2008


I'm pretty sure that Pele aren't the band I thought they were when I started looking into them, but now I can't remember who I was thinking of. Not that it matters, because they're a great band who released some really cracking jaunty country-fused indie in the early 90s and are a hitherto terrible omission from this place.

I now know that, thanks to the official site that's the source of the wiki page and is nicely added to by the ubiquitous myspace page that the band were formed on Merseyside in 1990, gigged around the North West of England, signed a record deal and within a matter of months had released their debut album. Aiming to capitalise on the album, their debut single was released in no time flat and featured on heavy rotation on Radio 1 before record company mistakes robbed them of a proper chart hit. It's ok though, their second single went to number 1 in South Africa.

A number of pretty major indie hits followed before some long-winded and painful legal shenanigans with their record company left the band heavily in debt with no rights to their songs until the record company in turn went bust. Phew.

Anyway, whoever I was thinking of before setting out on this excursion, I bet they weren't as good (on record or live; when they were apparently fantastic). Have a listen to the 'destined-to-not-chart' first release, Pele - Raid The Palace and right from the first bits twangy guitar and fiddle you know you'll be tapping your feet along. Then you'll go back for a few more listens, it's great.


  1. Pele were ace. Don't miss Pele singer-songwriter Ian Prowse's new band, Amsterdam either (http://www.amsterdam-music.com/)

  2. Quite right, Robin.

    Pele were magnificent, but Amsterdam are just a tiny bit more focused, and come with hearty recommendatons from all sorts of credible places. And from me too!

    If you like Raid The Palace, do yourself a favour and check them out.

  3. was it the candyskins you were thinking of? Resque perhaps? I went on a course once with the singer from Airhead - he's a management consultant now, it's funny how...

  4. this isn't the band I thought Pele was either. I'm thinking of some kind of jazzy, dancy combo. Praps with a bongoist.